Rabbi Ted Gordon Camp Scholarship Application

  • Camp Scholarship Application details:

    1. To qualify for a scholarship, a family must be Moses Montefiore Temple member in good standing (has paid membership dues) for the current and previous calendar year.

    2. Open to any child paying for camp through High School.

    3. FIRST TIME campers will receive an automatic scholarship of $300.

    4. Once funds have been awarded to FIRST-TIME campers, remaining funds will be equally distributed among other applicants.

    5. Scholarship funds awarded WILL BE SENT DIRECTLY to the camp noted above on behalf of the registered camper(s).

  • By initialing above and in completing this application, I understand the scholarship amount my child/children receives will be solely dependent upon the amount of money distributed to first-time campers. I understand that remaining funds will be distributed equally to all other applicants. Should I have exceptional circumstances, I will attach a statement explaining my financial hardship. I understand that each request will be considered on its own merits and will be confidential to the committee members.
  • Completed Applications are due no later than March 1st

  • Questions?

    If you have questions, you may contact Rabbi Rebecca Dubowe at MMTRabbi@gmail.com