Rabbi Ted Gordon Camp Scholarship Application: Summer 2019

  • Camp Scholarship Application details:

    1. To qualify for a scholarship, a family must be Moses Montefiore Temple member in good standing (has paid membership dues) for the current and previous calendar year.

    2. Child/children must be between 8-15 years old.

    3. FIRST TIME campers will receive an automatic scholarship of $300.

    4. Once funds have been awarded to FIRST-TIME campers, remaining funds will be equally distributed among other applicants.

    5. Scholarship funds awarded WILL BE SENT DIRECTLY to the camp noted above on behalf of the registered camper(s).

  • By initialing above and in completing this application, I understand the scholarship amount my child/children receives will be solely dependent upon the amount of money distributed to first-time campers. I understand that remaining funds will be distributed equally to all other applicants. Should I have exceptional circumstances, I will attach a statement explaining my financial hardship. I understand that each request will be considered on its own merits and will be confidential to the committee members.
  • Completed Applications are due no later than March 17, 2019

    A paper copy of this application has been sent home with your religious school student.
  • Questions?

    If you have questions, you may contact Karen Leff at karen.rosene.leff@gmail.com